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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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that's the story of the time being thanks a lot the warring sides in yemen have begun handing over responsibility for the port of her data to the united nations forces from the in the yemeni government are being redeployed as part of a un backed deal between the two sides agreed in sweden earlier this month it's aimed at ending almost four years of war which has caused a humanitarian disaster un coordinators yet to clarify the functions and responsibilities of both sides south korea's president has received a letter from the north korean leader kim jong il asking for talks in the new year president office says that said he was sorry he couldn't make a planned visit to the south before the end of two thousand and eighteen kim and moon met three times this year and made a series of goodwill gestures the south koreans say kim has asked to meet me several times next year. to chairman kim expressed regret towards the fact that his visit just so did not take place as was agreed between the two
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leaders in pyongyang chairman kim expressed a strong willingness to visit seoul as he monitors the situation kim also stated that he is willing to meet often with president moon in two thousand and nineteen to advance discussions on the peace and prosperity of the korean peninsula and to resolve together the issue of denuclearizing the korean peninsula. still ahead here in russia and turkey pledged to coordinate in syria reflecting shifting alliances with the planned pullout of u.s. forces. and we report from both sides of what's being called a major incident the surge in migrants crossing into the united kingdom. hello again a welcome back we're here across the south china sea we are watching the potential development of a system of the next few days notice the clouds right there now this system is
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potentially only could be a tropical depression may becoming a tropical storm but until then it is going to brings very heavy showers here across the southern parts of vietnam of the next day you can see the very heavy rain right there over here towards the philippines we saw quite a bit of rain the rain's going to continue as a weak tropical depression in the remnants of the system begins to pull away that rain heavy rain is going to continue along the coast of vietnam and we do expect to see some localized flooding in the next few days there were here across australia we are looking at one fun about to make its way across parts of victoria notice the clouds right here push your way so that means the temperatures are coming down behind their front so that's some good news there over the next few days we're going to see some rain showers across this front up towards the north though for brisbane here on monday it is going to be a fairly nice day we may see some bad air quality a few at thirty one degrees and as we go towards tuesday we are going to see that fun about to start to make its way up here toward city maybe a shower or two there down towards melbourne still say about twenty five degrees
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there over towards alan it at about twenty nine but it is going to be a warm day over here towards perth we do expect to see attempts to there about thirty one degrees. afghans with ties to international organization. disarranged has never been greater . left exposed by the strong a foreign troops. may be the only path to fish to. any nation makes home feel ever find their only. part of the view. on al jazeera.
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so you watch the odds are a reminder the top stories of voters in the democratic republic of congo choosing who will succeed president joseph kabila has been in power for seventeen years about one point three million people from three districts have been excluded from voting. at least seven people have been killed in election related violence in bangladesh prime minister sheikh hasina is hope and he's aiming for a fourth term in office she's been criticized for cracking down on her opponents and restricting press freedom. the warring sides in yemen have begun hand to gave responsibility for the port of the data to the united nations forces are being redeployed as part of a un deal between these and they get. the balance of power in northern syria appears to be shifting following the u.s. decision to withdraw its troops russia and turkey have agreed to cooperate off the
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talks in moscow i incur has sent fifty times to the syrian border in preparation for a possible attack on y.p. g. forces from gaza on tap near the turkish syrian border is mohamed atta call him self took his tongue scrolling to city. unca has been bolstering its military positions along its southam border as it prepares for what it calls a full fledged offensive on the cottage held city of mumbai is syria syrian rebels back by tuckey also on the move inside areas of syria under techies sway and along the eight hundred twenty two kilometer border between the two countries cut his forces a miles from friday that they had been forced to cut a deal with the regime of president bashar assad after they were abundant by donald trump or nonstop the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a little over a week ago here syrian troops deployed in support of kut it forces us seen on the
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edge of mom beach their deployment creates a government buffer achi across north on syria which fully separates the tukey and its proxies from the kurds but they are yet to enter the city of money bitch as they claimed on friday. we haven't seen any movement of the syrian army in my beach all we see are the military council of money huge numbers the conflicting reports from numbered perhaps sure the cales thoughts likely to ensue and of the sixty to one hundred day timetable for the withdrawal of u.s. troops with the remaining fighting forces in syria has come to replace them in moscow on high level toughest immigration led by foreign minister lute children children's health talks with russian foreign and defense ministers they discuss the situation in syria as u.s. forces flip it to withdrawal. of us incentives an understanding was reached on how military representatives of russia and turkey will continue to coordinate the
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states on the ground under new conditions with a view of finally rooting out terrorists three pts in syria. we discussed the latest developments in syria with regards to the us decision to withdraw from the country we exchanged views. and how we can coordinate our efforts from now on we stressed our resolve to fight against terrorist organizations we have a common will to clear all terror organizations from syrian lands. to also result to respect syria's territorial integrity something diplomats say might spell out for government forces in help of the east. with the city and opposition groups with the un back political process in topless but it is now trying to shape is what i asked the un is already looking to rebuild the country the u.s. troops pull out how about threatens to put up money for other regional actors like iran and tukey something opponents came to counter.
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residents in bogota and in northeastern nigeria have fled their homes after renewed fighting between boko haram the army they're escaping to the state capital of my degree after ten people were killed because iran attacked a military base in the fishing town on lake chad on wednesday the group is trying to capture the area which borders niger child and camera. a funeral has been held for a two year old yemeni boy whose mother fought for a visa to visit him in a us hospital people gathered to mourn her son at a service in california he had a rain and rare brain disease his mother took legal action of to being denied entry to the u.s. on to the troubled ministrations travel ban on several muslim majority countries she was eventually granted permission just days before her son's death. the us president says major progress has been made towards ending his government's trade war with china donald trump and she's in pain confirm they've spoken over the phone
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about resulting their differences she have returned he has mono from washington d.c. . very optimistic and positive indications from both donald trump and chinese media first that was donald trump's tweet which said just had a long and very good call with president xi of china a deal is moving along very well if made it will be very comprehensive covering all subject areas and points of dispute big progress being made exclamation mark and chinese media confirming about phone call took place chinese media said president xi said he hopes to push forward a sign a u.s. relationship that is coordinated cooperative and stable and he said that he hopes that the teams presumably the trade negotiating teams could meet each beat each other halfway and reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial as soon as possible and we have had indications in the last few days that a u.s. trade delegation will be traveling to beijing in january after what were described as intensive discussions over the phone over the christmas period trying to husband
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relenting somewhat since the truce was declared between china and the u.s. over trade talks at the beginning of december lowering tatter of publishing draft laws which suggest greater intellectual property property rights and protection for foreign companies so perhaps there is movement under way brazil's largest social organization the landless workers says attacks on its members have increased significantly since the election of a new right wing president. will be sworn in on tuesday he describes the group as terrorists a lot of america at its early see in human reports from the state of mexico so do so in central west brazil. scores of families who belong to the odd landless people's movement live in makeshift homes along this rural road in southwestern brazil they now that steele says the two months ago she was taking a shower when she heard her neighbor's screams this shack was up in flames torched
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by unknown assailants luckily no one was injured animals didn't think none of them it might i'm not going to tell you we're not afraid we are that's why we leave the lights on now i'm afraid but what can i do against these people nothing. she's referring to increasingly emboldened opponents of the m.s.t. who expect brazil's far right wing president elect bush for not all to make good on his promise to get rid of so-called dangerous extremists brazil's landless movement is the largest organization of its kind in all of latin america and it's also the one that suffered the most attacks of the seventy social activists who were murdered in brazil last year the vast majority belong to the landless movement and the fear is that under the new government they will be targeted even further. an antiterrorism law being debated in the senate could make that easier for decades the m.s.t. has been fighting for land redistribution and at times members have resorted to
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land occupations and violence but legal experts argue the current penal code is sufficient to punish those who break the law. to give the government now and in the future the power to declare any type of demonstration by political opponents as terrorism is very dangerous. back at the roadside shows of some vegetables they've grown. for every. member we go hungry a lot we trade things with our neighbors and that's how we survive by using the patches of land by the side of the road imagine if we had our arms. ok. but instead of land here expecting a confrontation with a new president who's declared the estimated one point five million members of the movement threat to brazil you see in yemen al jazeera. brazil
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britain's immigration minister has defended the government's handling of the rise in migrants and refugees crossing the english channel well in two hundred twenty people have attended the crossing since november well look at the view from the british side of the channel in just a moment but first bernard smith begins our report in northwest friends from college the messages being sent to families in africa the middle east iran and afghanistan will be about failed attempts to make it to an. electricity comes for just a couple of hours a day from generators provided by local charities. this camp has nothing but the around six hundred migrants stuck here on a freezing windy december day it's a hopeless place living conditions you are just making people every very desperate and the rebels who did way over. to escape here some migrants are now prepared to pay smugglers to cross the channel in rubber boats for others the risk is too great that we tried taking
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a boat. then you know i want to save my lives. and give myself for the good this is important my life this is then you lose the board this is this is going to have the main the french and british governments have spent millions of dollars fortifying port against people trying to stow away on lorries it's one theory why more people are turning to boats the migrants that launched themselves into the channel in rubber dinghies from here risk high seas strong currents freezing water and they risk collision in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes my colleague sonia guy i go picks up the story and go. exhausted and freezing these people made a hazardous journey on the flimsiest of vessels rubber dinghies this latest sudden surge in numbers of those arriving like this has alerted british authorities to the dangers of a possible catastrophic accident in this stretch of water off the southern coast so
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much so that the british home secretary is now treating this as a major incident on saturday the immigration minister went to the town of dover to meet border offices they say it has been difficult to keep up with the numbers of people who have arrived in these circumstances and what they need is help to effectively patrol the area and closer working relations with officials across the channel in france what we're doing is constantly reviewing the resources that we need continuing the really important. the french and it's absolutely critical that we share information at the highest on the most effective level because of course what we want to do is to make sure that people don't set sail across the channel make a really perilous journey at a treacherous time of the year it may only be a fifty kilometer journey between kalai and dover but the english channel is also one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and while some politicians hid in britain have called for more patrols the concern is is that this will merely encourage
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others to come and make that dangerous journey the latest route shows how despite the dangers many are desperate enough to risk everything to make it here and to escape the difficult conditions in makeshift camps in france but even if they make it here there is no guarantee that they can stay here sonny diagonal al-jazeera. the growing pay gap between executives in the average worker is the target of new regulations coming into force in britain from january the first u.k. listed companies will have to more uncertain reveal and justify the difference in salaries between the boardroom and the shop floor paul brennan reports now from london as part of our series looking into new laws for two thousand and nineteen. the glass and metal towers of london's financial district symbolize the success and sometimes excess of britain's top companies while enforced public austerity has
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kept a lid on the average working wage the eye watering salaries and extraordinary bonuses of the top u.k. bosses have sparked outrage in twenty seventeen alone the salary of top bosses jumped eleven percent to four point nine million dollars over the past twenty years or so we've seen the pay of a foot c. one hundred c. for about fifty or sixty times that the average u.k. work to bore like one hundred fifty times now there's been no real justification for that in terms of company performance so i definitely think it is the case that there's been a major corporate governance or policy failure somewhere along the line among a string of high profile controversies in twenty eighteen with a ninety five million dollars bonus paid to jeff fairburn c.e.o. of the housebuilder persimmon the public outrage cost him his job. the royal mail paid its new chief executive rico back a seven point three million dollars signing on fee despite seventy percent of shareholders objecting and a shareholder revolt bt failed to block
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a two point nine million dollars package for gavin patterson the departing chief executive remuneration committees have been the quiet for a long time now to take into account paying conditions elsewhere in the company when setting executive pay and they have absolutely failed to do this from january twenty ninth listed companies with more than two hundred fifty employees must calculate unpublicized the pay ratio between the boss and the average worker the institute of directors supports the new rules although it says some comparisons will be more useful than others but if for the same company you'll seeing say the pay ratio increase from one year to the next so top exact a moving upwards at a faster rate than that of the average employee that could give rise to legitimate questions in the sense that you're describing and if companies refuse to moderate themselves there is scope for further government intervention perhaps policies from
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the government in relation to their procurement activities or in relation to the. tax system that would favor the companies with lower pay ratios and penalize those with the vast caps that have become increasingly complex in recent years the new pay ratio regulations should strengthen shareholders ability to block excessive deals and could shame companies into actually complying with u.k. boardrooms have shown themselves to be remarkably brazen despite public criticism and more may yet be needed in order to rein in the worst excesses paul brennan al-jazeera the city of london. gets all the stories we.


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